Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Outlier: You're What Women Want

As I've frequented other bike blogs, I've noticed a clear reaction to Outlier: everyone loves 'em. They make durable, urban, work-appropriate clothes for cyclists who commute--what's not to love?

Here's my question: Where is the women's section?

According to Outlier's Twitter, women can "expect something in the fall." This, although promising, does not support the number of women already commuting or thinking about commuting to work during the present time. Of course, commuting presents its own set of obstacles, including: am I going to be really sweaty when I get there? How am I going to wear work clothes/change into work clothes when I get there? Where can I store my bike so it won't get stolen?

The everlasting question also remains: what can I wear? Although Top Shop is slotted to come out with a line of cycling-inspired clothing soon, practical work clothes must be both fashionable and durable: two qualities that seem to prevail at Outlier. Although I'm sure they've heard it before, I decided to write them an email:

Dear Outlier,

From your Twitter post, I see that you have plans to introduce women's clothes to Outlier. I think this is a fantastic idea, and only hope that the new garments--perhaps pants, shirts, skirts, jackets and caps, exemplify the same sleek, urban style of your men's clothing.

I also hope that you won't adorn the women's line with too much "flare," but that it remains as solid colored and simplistic as the men's line. With products as attractive as yours, it would be a shame to belittle women's cyclists and commuters with overtly feminine decorations. I envision a complement to the 4Season OG Pant--practical, durable, and presentable.

In addition, I hope you allot your women's line equal attention to that of the men's clothes. To see a sparse women's cycling section in any sports catalog or cycling catalog is disheartening to say the least--not only are manufacturers insistent upon clothing us in pink, but they seem to have trouble providing us with an equal amount of choices. I'd love to see Outlier outdo the odds and make a terrific, wide range of women's clothing for cyclists and commuters.



PS I'm jealous of Abe's Cannondale.

Let's see how Outlier responds, hold on for future posts.


  1. Nice! Why do we get the shaft with bike and clothing design when we make up a large percentage of the purchasing population? Blog power! Maybe they'll start listening to what we want.

  2. wxcellent point fixie. iwant you to know i feel the same way and all over that rapha. eeegh not so great in my books if they aint no WOMENS section kids. so get to it rapha u heard!!!

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