Wednesday, May 27, 2009

You should ride your bike to DUMBO

On Saturday, I rode out to Red Hook with Brooklynbybike's bike crew. We rode the greenway from Williamsburg to Red Hook, parts of which I had seen before and parts of which I hadn't. I must say: I like DUMBO more and more. I first visited it last summer when I went specifically to Recycle-a-Bicycle for a riser handlebar (I'm cool) and didn't think much of it, except that it was weird to see hip furniture places alongside swanky dog boutiques. I thought, "Do people take their pups all the way over here for a shampoo?"

Recently, I've found myself visiting more often--I had meant to go to Blogfest at the powerHouse arena, but at the time I couldn't force myself to pay $10 to hear a panel of OCD bloggers speak. Normally, I'd be into that, except I was focused on trying the divey Mexican place on the corner--margharitas have a particular calling.

I did, however, visit the park that lies between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and was astounded to find how beautiful and serene it was. I felt like I'd been placed inside a good postcard of what New York looks like when you can't hear it. The sky was purple and there were a bunch of dorky Spaniards excitedly snapping pictures in front of the backdrop. I found myself jokingly embittered, thinking "Why do I resign myself to this city?" because it looks so terribly awesome from afar and it feels so terribly crowded when you're inside. It's a good thing I live in Brooklyn.

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