Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Trip to LA & LA Brakeless

I recently took a trip to Los Angeles, where I mostly drank beer and hung out with cute girls. Besides that constituting an amazing trip, I went to a fixed-gear bike shop. Now I have the post-California blues.

LA Brakeless is a fixed-gear shop that I had heard about before to my trip to LA. I have to admit, I saw a bunch of cyclists in LA, including fixie-riders, but mostly I saw cars. I guess that's what happens with a city that is as spread out as LA - you pretty much have to drive to get where you want to go. Of course, the parts I visited - Venice and Hollywood - are relatively flat and getting around on a fixed-gear is a good way to go. Besides, then you can get a neon colored bike and pretend to be as cool as everyone else in California.

My friend Lauren has a sick bike that I should have taken pictures of because I got the chance to ride it around Hollywood a little bit. She had it built up by the guys at LA Brakeless. They carry all sorts of pretty components and accessories. Here are some pics:

(My next investment is a decent camera and the patience to learn how to use it...) I was surprised to find that the shop didn't carry a ridiculous amount of Chrome bags to rep San Francisco but they did have Wheelman Co. bags and Swerve hats. They sold LA Brakeless t-shirts that were a rip off of the LA Lakers symbol.

I'm not ballsy enough, rich enough or Cali enough to put all this flashy stuff on my bike, but it sure does look good in a multi-colored shop and riding around Los Angeles.