Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh, Chrome: I Spoke Too Soon

Not too long ago I posted about the slight discomfort of my Chrome bag, estimating that it is slightly too big for my back. A short week later, I got an an email from Chrome (I'm on their email list) announcing the arrival of a smaller, more manageable bag! They read my mind!

The new bag is called the Corsair , and it is a slightly smaller, "stripped down" version of the mini metro. Even better for all you smaller riders out there--I think this will fit your back. It measures 18" wide, 12"tall and 4"deep compared to the mini metro's 20" wide x 11.5"tall x 6"deep. It also costs a reasonable $80 to the mini metro's $120: a good deal.

The Corsair has less pockets (not the four expandable ones on the sides--good for storing sunglasses or beer bottles) and it doesn't have the signature seat belt/button clasp but it still has the metal fastener, that somehow seconds as a bottle opener (or so I'm told). It doesn't come in as many fancy colors as the mini metro yet, but grey is pretty cool:

I'm also trying to figure out: does Chrome make custom bags? I've seen a few sweet color combinations that haven't been on their website. On Sunday, at Bike Jumble, I spotted this one (white and pink?!), and it was so sweet I had to take a picture:


  1. yay! made in SF <3
    I got that same email and I will be checking out that new backpack as well b/c theire 'smallest' backpack was massive - ithink. ;D cheers from SF/xo

  2. I have a Chrome Citizen in black. Actually in the beginning when it was empty it looked quite big, but once I filled it up it became nearly too small. I think about buying a Metropolis or maybe a backpack too to be able to do proper grocery shopping with it.
    What I like about the Chrome bags is that they have more compartments, but still no place to but a key or so (that's kind of annoying if I ride in a skirt and have take the bag down to get my keys out).

  3. Great Blog Fixie, hope all is well in your neck of the BK. Check out my blog and let's link up!

  4. I like the new size, but I also really liked the big fat seat belt buckle on the larger one. Sigh.

  5. I finally got a chance to check out the Chrome store in SF, they have so many bags there, and tons of sales going on right now.

  6. super late--
    Chrome used to offer custom color combinations - perhaps they still do in store? i know the option is no longer on their website, which is a bummer cause i don't see myself leaving the midwest for SF any time soon...