Wednesday, February 25, 2009

white rims

The first post! Take that, blog post number one. I bought a pair of white deep V rims off of today. Craigslist bike exchanges are always the best because they usually involve scruffy boys that think I'm a boy, too. I can tell they think I'm a boy because they write these two sentence emails that say things like "hey man" and "thanks, bro." I'm like: dude, I know my name is androgynous but just because I'm buying bike parts doesn't mean I'm a dude (whoa, feminist rant). These rims are something I've wanted for a really long time, and given the state of the economy, also something I shouldn't be buying. But I did. And I started thinking about the weird situations my craigslist-sponsored bike swapping has gotten me into. I've carried two different pairs of handlebars to work and then I snuck them downstairs to sell to various dudes on bikes. Usually, I get the perfunctory once-over from the bike dude and the quick product inspection followed by the slightly awkward handover of money. On the way down to Lafayette & Grand tonight I was thinking, what if someone saw this exchange who didn't know what it was? I'm a lonely girl wearing pin striped pants on a dark corner pacing around and ready to approach a guy carrying two white rims that look like mini hula hoops. Then, once I inspect the rims, I pull out my wallet and start handing folded up bills to a stranger on the sidewalk, just another effect of craigslist...I'd like to make this blog about bikes, but I'm also going to throw in some sidebars from my disorganized life. And, so, I give you, a quote about love:

"Being in love--this subtle keen unforgettable sense of the other's uniqueness. There is no one like her, dances like her, is sad like her, is eloquent like her, is foolish and vulgar like her..." -Susan Sontag

And, a picture of Kiwi and Pear: