Tuesday, May 26, 2009

bag post

This long weekend was amazing, and makes going back to work that much harder. On Friday K. and I went to Williamsburg, semi-exhausted from heat stroke and too many beers the night before. We went to Penny Licks and I ate a mint chocolate chip cone, which brought me back to the days of my youth. (Fun fact: from Zinger's history of ice cream: "[Back in the day], most ice cream from vendors was sold in serving glasses called "penny licks" (because you'd lick the ice cream from the glass, and it cost a penny to do so)." Anyway, the girl behind the counter asked me how comfortable my Chrome bag is. I answered in a rather sluggish, unhelpful way, which leads me to this post.

First, I should say that I really like the aesthetic of the Chrome bags--they're sexy, sleek and colorful. They're also very durable, they come with a lifetime guarantee and the seat belt doubles as a bottle opener. However, I wouldn't call them particularly comfortable. I have the smallest messenger bag, the mini metro, which measures 20" x 11.5" x 6". I'll see guys wearing this bag, and be like "Is that the same size?" because it looks so much more comfortable on them. I think, practically speaking, it's slightly too big for my back. I've also found that once you put anything in it, it feels pretty heavy--even when I just carry around my U-lock. With that said, I have used it to carry a full can of paint home.

If you're thinking about buying a Chrome bag or a messenger bag, I would consider buying a backpack instead. Chrome makes a messenger backpack called the Dually, that gives you the double strap support messenger bags lack.

Freight also makes a roll-top backpack and a regular backpack that look pretty sweet.

I've become a fan of R.E. Load bags, even though they tend to be on the pricey side because you can customize them. They make a cute hip pouch:
If you're really into a custom bag, you should check out seagull bags. They make some cool originals, like these:

Not sure why you would put this on your bag, but it's funny.


State outline that says "So far, so good."

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  1. quinn. i need a weatherproof back pack for riding around philly. have you tried chrome's dually messenger pack? do you think it will be too big for a small lady like me? i need your advice asap!!!


  2. I like Chrome bags and Messenger bags. The designs on bags are awesome, specially the design of cycle is beautiful looking on that bag. I have used Mexican Bags, they are stylish and fine but now I want these bags, they are elegant and stylish more than these. How can I buy or get these bags? suggestions are welcome.