Wednesday, June 16, 2010

DOBC's Amazing Pride Season

My beloved Dykes on Bike-Cycles are in the midst of a wildly successful pre-Pride and Pride season, no thanks to me and my incessant "I have to study for the LSATs" excuse. I can't boast that I took amazing pictures at all the events - at our DOBC benefit party at Bar 4 I was running around collecting raffle tickets and simultaneously trying to take full advantage of the free PBR (hey, a girl has got to multitask), but here are a few highlights:

Our raffle table was incredible - I was pleasantly surprised that DOBC received donations from Outlier, Sigg, Ride Brooklyn, Taliah Lempert, Vaya Bags, Transportation Alternatives, Beast, Velo Brooklyn, Autostraddle and Babeland (well...Babeland doesn't really surprise me). We had a whole bunch of REALLY nice stuff and I was sad I wasn't able to enter the raffle myself (ahem, I'll take the Outlier hat). Ride Brooklyn - you might know it as bike shop right next to Babeland - was generous enough to donate a sweet Kona bike, which I "tagged" with my spoke card. A nice lady from the Brooklyn Community Pride Center slipped me her ticket (the raffle was at midnight...two nights before the LSATs - woohooo) but I didn't win. There were mostly gays at the party, which explains why my ex girlfriend's friend's ex girlfriend DID win but hey: that's another story (all true). We're all friends here.

Sunday was Queens Pride but none of us made it because we were too sleepy and I was freaking out about the LSATs. I missed BUM BUM BAR, so hopefully we can go again next year.

Last Saturday was Brooklyn Pride. DOBC was looking sharp in their handmade screenprinted t-shirts, black with pink logos. I attempted to help with this but I was sent out for mojito mixings. Here is an embarassing photo of me wearing the cool t-shirt:

That night we attended Brooklyn Community Pride Center's party at BAMCafe. BAMCafe is sweet - it kind of reminded me of a movie set with all the pinball lightbulbs on the wall, but we had fun dancing in all the open space. I would definitely consider going there for all the free music they host. Thanks to everyone who rode in the Parade - be sure to come to DOBC rides too!

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  1. way to give a shout out to the lesbian who won the babeland gift. *ahemahem* :) haha