Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Even the Girls: Female Bike Messenger Documentary (2004)

This film is slightly outdated (circa 2004), but I found it recently on YouTube and found it interesting. I like the testimonials from each messenger, and I find the Yeah Yeah Yeahs provide highly appropriate background music. I also love the girl that rides a fixie with a green bow in her hair; it reminds me of my enthusiastic high school field hockey team. A few questions arose as I watched the film:

1) Where are the fast-paced riding scenes? I'm certain the girls ride just as fast as the boys.

2) Why don't these girls use bar tape? Perhaps they prefer gloves?

3) How does the bow-girl put spin her wheel around so easily as she's getting on to her bike if she's riding a fixed gear? Why can't I do that? (see 4:47)

Whether we really get a chance to see them darting through traffic or not, this film acknowledges some tough women. That's right: you go girl.


  1. Was a bike messenger (female) for Chick Chack in 1987-88, and for Mother's Messenger Service in 1994-95, yes through the winters both times. There were very few in 87, it was pretty ruthless. Still I had my brothers. I would have to thank the Jamaican cartele they totally had my back, Anglo men were the worst! They really saw me as a threat/hold-up for their averages.
    Good to see not much changes, I had an Italia racing frame, had three really close calls, one where I was ran over by a truck.
    Would love to do it again if not for the pollution and 39 now. Knees and joints would be tough, in Oregon now (Portland) great biker town, and have had a bike most of the time here, without a car, though have one now, and my current bike got nabbed being out overnight.
    Keep it up ladies, it's a lifestyle choice you never outgrow. Would be into doing motorcycles at some point (Triumph) but still love the bike, specially street bikes.

  2. Hey Randi,
    I remeber you,Its Shelly from Chick Chack!
    i REMEMBER YOU!Still here
    212 244 8577!
    heres my blog

    love to hear from you!

  3. To the bloger...Great ,Glad to see women are finally takin over!.

    Come see some fast some Wheel Moma's and Fast Women riders at
    my blog

    Great job!
    Urban Mobility Project - NYC

  4. re 3: learn to do it first by using yr hand to lift either yr seat or top tube, then if you learn how to lean with yr hand on the handlebars, you can do it with relatively little effort.