Thursday, April 9, 2009

guerrilla scanning of "sorry, portland"

This has been the week of one botched blog attempt after another but I'm pretty sure that's because I had a concussion. Taking a soccer ball to the dome is never fun; but I can assure you that the 35+ year old players on my team still have what it takes, judging from the strength and accuracy of their kicks. I digress...

While at Bicycle Habitat trying on the Fuji track for size (more about that later..) I picked up this postcard, by an artist named Taliah Lempert.

I dig 'em.

THEN, I randomly bought a magazine called GOOD and found more of Taliah's artwork inside!

I also read this sweet article , that I liked because it talked about the bike scene in each city, fixed gear, bike polo, even soapbox derby included.

Here's my favorite pic from Pittsburgh:

And Austin:

I dutifully scanned these images before they posted the story but I'm glad they did so now you can all read it! I wasn't sure how I was going to swing that one, anyway.

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