Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bikes I like..

Ok I've spent hours trying to manipulate the photo sizes on the blog but I think the banner photo is still too big. I fear I can't be a true bike blogger until I have a sexy landscape banner like this guy: http://twofivefix.blogspot.com/. Sigh.

I recently stumbled upon a Flickr site featuring "Brett's favourite fixies." http://www.flickr.com/photos/x1brett/3117655141/. It has inspired me to create my own list, in ascending order - here are four of my favorites:

#4 - Trek's Urban District: This bike is sexy and makes me think twice about Trek. Apparently, the chain is made of a flexible carbon steel fiber that doesn't require any grease. It's basically the Prius of singlespeeds. I like the colors, but I haven't seen any cruising the streets. Maybe if I had a large disposable income, I would buy one.

#3 - Specialized Langster, New York: This bike is styled after a NYC cab, complete with black-and-white checkers. I'm sold.

The close-up:

#2 - Schwinn Madison: This bike is cheaper and it has fantastic 80s decals. A cool (American! gasp!) bike.

#!1 - Felt Curbside: I just found this bike while I was searching for the Langster and it comes equipped with pretentious top tube pads but I LOVE the blue color and it seems to be a pretty good bang for your buck. Yes, please.

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